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Evesdroppers Light Pendant


Evesdroppers Light Pendant! After releasing the debut album in 2016, Bam's Evesdroppers music project is still making waves. To celebrate the album's success, we've released the Evesdroppers Light pendant. 3D printed, available in 100% solid 935 argentium sterling silver or 18k gold plated, and carefully hand polished. All products are crafted in Estonia and shipped worldwide!

We have developed a unique combination of high-tech metal 3D printing and hand-crafting that enables us to provide very detailed and high quality jewelry.

Argentium Silver is a special alloy developed from sterling silver, by replacing some elements with germanium we are able to achieve many positive differences:

✓ hypoallergenic 

✓ skin-friendly (nickel free)

✓ extremely white finish (brighter than platinum or white gold)

✓ does not firescale

✓ is highly tarnish-resistant

✓ has greater ductility and malleability than traditional sterling silver

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