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Bam Margera Merchandise

616 Official x Bam Margera Trident Necklace

$29.00 $59.00

616 Official and Bam Margera jewelry merch is back again and here to stay! 
This 616 Official Trident necklace is a unisex jewelry piece that represents force of nature. Tridents were believed to give a 3-fold power over heaven, earth, and hell. 

Trident pendant is 3D printed from ethical 925 sterling silver and comes with a free chain! 

Available also in 24K yellow and 14K rose gold plating!

Product comes in a crafted gift box with Bam's signature logo. Package also includes a certificate of authenticity! 

We have developed a unique combination of direct metal 3D printing and hand-crafting that enables us to provide high quality sustainable and ethical silver jewelry.

✓ hypoallergenic 

✓ skin-friendly (nickel free)

✓ extremely white finish (brighter than platinum or white gold)

✓ does not firescale

✓ highly tarnish-resistant