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Bam Margera Merchandise

Bam Margera Thorned Cross Earrings


In mythology, Aphrodite (the Greek goddess of love) was often depicted with thorned roses adorning her head, feet, and neck- This made rose a symbol that represents an immortal love that withstands time and even death.

These classic cross earrings surrounded with a thorny stems of a wild rose are a perfect piece for a person who honors traditions, believes in immortal love and wants to make a statement. Bam Margera Thorned Cross earrings are also available in 24K gold plated finishing.  

This product is made from 925 sterling silver and it comes in a free crafted gift box with Bam's signature logo. Package also includes certificate of authenticity! 

We have developed a unique combination of direct metal 3D printing and hand-crafting that enables us to provide very detailed and high quality jewelry.

Argentium Silver is a special alloy developed from sterling silver, by replacing some elements with germanium we are able to achieve many positive differences:


skin-friendly (nickel free)

extremely white finish (brighter than platinum or white gold)

does not firescale

highly tarnish-resistant

We ship worldwide!